The Experts



Some members of the famous “Grey Cat Gang”, specialised in diamond robbery, have passed here a few days ago.

Following their last holdup, they had to hastily leave the premises as the police was on their tracks and closing in on their location.

In order to maximise their chances to cross the borders, they have decided to leave their loot on spot, placing secret hints and signs, so that someone could come and collect it after their departure.

We need your help to discover whether some members of the gang are still hiding in the area and, most importantly, to find the stolen diamonds.

This real-time adventure will bring your teams together to achieve a common goal, whilst discovering clues, analysing them in their scientific laboratory, and sharing information to help solve the riddle.

Communication, collaboration and team spirit are at the heart of this teambuilding and the essential keys to successfully complete the mission.

  • Communication
  • Team spirit
  • Observation
  • Analyse
  • Deduction
  • Discovery
  • Entertainment
  • 20 to 100 people
  • Year-round
  • In- and outdoor
  • From 2hours to 1 day